The only online specification information system that connects the design community and their building spec requirements to the leading manufacturers’ products. Save and download your spec in any of our 10+ different formats including Schedules, Cut Sheets, CSI Master Format, and much more.

Choose from a variety of room templates ranging from locker rooms to patient care rooms, and much more. Visually update code compliant and compatible products to build a complete and accurate building specification. Save and download your project in 10+ different formats including product brochures, cut sheets, and Revit Families.

Try our Complimentary Email Spec Service! Have customized plumbing and architectural specialty packages delivered right to your inbox. Simply send us your project details and one of our internal experts will assist with selecting the most suitable product combinations for your building.

In the BIM Library designers can access all of ATS’ BIM files by easily searching and/or filtering for the products they require. All ATS BIM files are highly optimized, and average 500KB in size, with combined families averaging 800KB. These files are not “blocks” allowing for easy editing.

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What We Do

Here at Allied Technical Services Inc. (ATS), we believe in thinking differently, and in enhancing the design development process. We do this through our time saving tools developed for the design community. These tools are user friendly, and allow designers to build complete and customized building specifications that meet building code, all in a matter of minutes.

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