What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) development has provided the tool to make the building design and specification process easier, faster, more accurate and greener. Armed with this information, end-users may quickly evaluate alternatives and make environmentally friendly decisions. BIM facilitates better decision-making throughout the project, by quickly and accurately providing detailed information, such as pricing, dimension, weight, material and sometimes even cost of material, to all stakeholders involved. By integrating BIM into your next building project, you too can minimize your project consumption, errors and omissions; increasing sustainability and efficiency, while reducing costs.

About ATS BIM.

ATS has a dedicated team of BIM specialists who continuously improve the quality and usability of our BIM content for the MEP community, such as reducing file sizes, and flexing files daily for geometry detail to ensure maximum consistency and compatibility. Our BIM team has incorporated Autodesk Revit to build all our BIM content from scratch, as the objects in Revit are comprehensible to computer programs as representations of real world building components, unlike the graphic objects in a 2D CAD file. Our services and BIM library are provided to the design and specification community at No-Cost, No-Catch.

How to download files.

Required software (Autodesk Revit)
Download a free trial here. Once installed, simply login to your ATS account and download the BIM content from ATS BIM Library. As always, please contact us should you require any assistance or if you wish to request a custom BIM file to be created.