Rules of Information:

1. Please note that we are subjected to confidentially agreements with our users. These agreements extend to the information which can be viewed on this website.

2. This information is subject to Federal, State and Provincial Privacy and Confidentiality regulations.

3. Please do not disclose any firm information (including specific names and addresses) that are attached to project registration information.

4. Please do not provide any firm information on the Project Registration Reports to any of your independent representation organizations. **Note: your products are already specified on the project listed.**

5. If you would like to make joint calls with an independent representative on the contacts listed, please do not disclose the source of the information found on this website to your independent representative.

Notes and Suggestions for use of Information:

A. Projects that are shown on your Project Registration report already have your product specified. There is no need for a factory rep nor independent rep to chase the specifier as the specification for the project is likely already complete.

B. We would recommend that you cross-reference the most active specifiers which are shown on your Project Registration reports and provide the Firm contact information to your internal personnel for follow-up.

C. Please ensure that the source of this information is not disclosed to the Project Specifier.

Should you be following-up with a specifier, some of the things you should NOT say to the Specifier include:

a) "We received information from ATS that you were currently working on Project 'X' "

b) "We understand that you are an active user on ATS, and build many projects on their system?"

We recommend you would approach the specifier in the following manner:

a) "We would like to discuss the following (Manufacturer Name) product with you, which are now available on ATS."

*** Important: If any of the information on this site is used for marketing purposes, please contact ATS in advance. This is to ensure that we are complying with our "Website Disclaimer" and "General Terms and Conditions of Use" with the ATS Spec Users.